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Gerald M. Stokes, Department Chair, Professor, Ph.D. University of Chicago: Astronomy and Astrophysics; Climate change science, mitigation, impacts and adaptation; Smart grid; Carbon capture and utilization; Energy technology strategies

Anthony Pennings, DTS Undergraduate Program Director, Professor, Ph.D. University of Hawaii: Political Economy and Policy. Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D), Digital Money, Spreadsheets, and Ledger Technologies, Geopolitical Risk, Cyberpunk and Socio-Technical Analysis, Remote Sensing, Creative Economies, Climate Financing.

James F. Larson, Leading Professor, Ph.D. Stanford University: Communication.
Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D); Korea’s ICT-led Development; Global Marketing; New Media and Public Policy; Television and Media in the Olympics.

Young Geun Lee,  Leading Professor, Ph.D.  Architectural Engineering / Construction. Technology of Architectural Engineering, Urban Planning, Airport Planning.

Jin-sang Lee, Professor, Ph.D. University of Strathclyde, Economic Development. International Development and Cooperation, African Economic Development, Economies of Developing Countries, Science and Technology, Education and Development.

Johng-Ihl Lee, Professor, Ph.D. University of Cincinnati: Economics.
Econometric Modeling; Project Level Evaluation; Vocational Retraining Systems; Intellectual Property (IP); IPR; IP strategy; International R&D Program.

Mark D. Whitaker, Assistant Professor, Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison: Sociology. Information Society; Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D); Science and Technology Studies; Comparative Historical Methods; World Regional Cultural Variations; Environmental Sociology; Consumption as Strategically Implemented; Comparative Conditions of Successful/Failed Sustainability Programs; Comparative Development.

Suzana Brown, Assistant Professor, Ph.D. University of Colorado, Boulder: Telecommunication. Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D); ICT Entrepreneurship; Mobile Health and Education; Data for Development

Jang Ik Lee, Research Professor, Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley: Educational Policy and Management. Educational service management, Entrepreneurship, Educational Technology Management.

Joseph S. Cabuay,  Associate Research Professor, Master Of International Affairs (M.I.A.). Columbia University, A.B.D., Northeastern University;  Organizational Leadership,  Strategic Marketing,  Strategic Sales Management,  Strategic Communications, Executive Training & Development, International Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, Science & Technology Policy, Emergency/Crisis Management, Sustainable Development & Technology Policy.

Patrick Rose, Research Professor, Ph.D. Educational Psychology, Auburn University: Discourse Analysis, Influence of Technology on Subjectivity, Human Performance Technology, Workplace Learning, Organizational Culture, Social-Psychology, Educational Technology, Social Marketing, Survey Research, Sociology of Technology, Ethnographic Research Methods.

Maurice X. Bess, Research Assistant Professor, M.S. Interactive Entertainment, Florida
Interactive Entertainment Academy (UCF); Video Game Design and Development;
Computer Animation and 3-D Modeling; Project Management.

Chang In Shin, Adjunct Professor, Ph.D. The Pennsylvania State University: Communication Arts and Sciences. International Negotiation; Cross-Cultural Communication; International Conflict Resolution Specializing in Intercultural Conflict Negotiation; Cultural Diversity Management; International/Global Communication; International Business Negotiation.