Professors James Larson and Anthony Pennings attended the SafeNet Forum -- a multi-stakeholder (government, industry, academia and NGO) organization charged with guiding Korea's efforts to build a nationwide (including integrated 4G-5G, high speed rail and maritime networks).

SUNY Korea serves as an institutional member and Jim Larson as an individual member of SafeNet Forum's expert committee. 

Also, Professor Hong, chair of SafeNet Forum and a Sogang University Professor is a Stony Brook University Ph.D. in electrical engineering and serves on a high level committee of advisors to SUNY Korea.

The goal of the partnership is to ensure that DTS and SUNY Korea stay abreast of Korea's efforts to build one of  the first and most advanced nationwide public safety networks in the world. 

The Fall International Conference occurred on October 23, 2019. It was called the "Public Safety Summit on Future Technologies and Applications." News article