Sabina Baraniewicz-Kotasińska, a visiting Scholar from the Institute of Political Studies, University of Opole, Opole, Poland gave a talk on Models of Smart City Governance on Wednesday May 23, 2018 at SUNY Korea. She discussed her classification scheme
to explain different political ideals that different plans of smart cities imply.

She was on a grant from the Erasmus+ Program to
travel to us to learn about Korean smart cities, particularly Songdo.
This is the only public talk she is giving during her short stay, so
attendance is encouraged.

Mrs. Baraniewicz-Kotasińska’s research interests are comparative smart
cities, and particularly the many different political visions that
different smart cities have in the world. She is working on an article
summarizing a classification of different kinds of political models of
smart cities, based on her own research. 

Additionally, she is knowledgeable in the field of journalism and the technical
requirements of television production. She was the head of Opole
University’s student-run television studio. In that capacity, she
revived the university TV studio with a daily production schedule and
a 50-person staff, and soon won national recognition by the Polish
Student Government of the Republic of Poland for her school’s TV
organization and quality in covering and creating live broadcasts of
local and national events.