M.S. in Technological Systems Management

Focus area in Global Technology Management

This is a highly focused program that prepares students for a variety of positions related directly to managing the technical operations and process systems of global organizations.

The goal of the program is to introduce students to modern technologies with an emphasis on teaching students how to use technology to conduct business, and how to apply emerging technologies to improve operations. It emphasizes learning analytical, diagnostic, and quantitative skills. It draws on courses in Engineering Management and Technology Systems Management from Stony Brook University

Typical career paths in this program may lead to a variety of positions related to digital and related technologies. These would include: Business Process Manager; Change Management Specialist; Data Scientist; Interface Design Director; IT Project Manager; Technical Operations Manager; Research and Development Manager; Supply Chain Designer, Systems Architect, Systems Security Analyst; as well as C-suite  positions such as Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Digital Officer (CDO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO), and Chief Operations Officer (COO).


EST 581 - Heuristics and Quantitative Decision-Making
EST 582 - Introduction to Systems Concepts


EMP 502 - Engineering Economics 
EMP 504 - Quantitative Methods in Management
EMP 506 - Strategic Technology Analysis
EMP 518 - Technology Projects 
EMP 517 - Quality Value Management
EMP 521 - Developing New Technology Products
EMP 522 - Strategic Marketing:  Planning and Process
EMP 523 - International Business and Management
EMP 525 - Technology Assessment
EMP 530 - Introduction of Big Data and Data Science for Technological Management
EMP 531 - Data Mining for Technological Management
EMP 532 - Big Data Systems for Technological Management
EST 534 - The Lean Launch Pad
EST 558 - Digital Technologies in Disaster Risk Reduction
EST 559 - Mobile Technologies and Disaster Risk Reduction
EST 560 - Risk Assessment, Regulation, and Homeland Security
EST 561 - Sensing Technologies for Disaster Risk Reduction
EST 567 - The Internet, Social Networking and Collaborative Environments
EST 568 - Networked Communication Technologies
EST 569 - Technology in the City 
EST 577 - Environmental Information Systems (EIS)
EST 580 - Advanced Technology Assessment: Business, Government and Strategy 
EST 589 - Technology-Enhanced Decision Making
EST 592 - Sustainable Energy; Technologies, Systems, Markets, and Policy
EST 593 - Risk Assessment and Hazard Management
EST 691 - Seminar on Innovation, Invention and Diffusion