Mun-Su Park

Research Professor
Department of Technology and Society
SUNY Korea 



Ph.D., Sungkyunkwan University, Public Policy

Research Interests:

- Technology Innovation policy and Management
- Industry-university collaboration Policy
- Small and medium enterprise (SME) policy


Mun Su Park is currently research professor at Department of Technology & Society, State University of New York in Korea. He received Ph.D in public administration from SungKyun Kwan University in Korea. He was previously a research assistant professor at the Industrial Collaboration Research Institute, Pohang University of Science and Technology, Pohang, Republic of Korea.

Current research:

1.  “Research in Influence factor to skilled system of export small and medium enterprises”. 「The Journal of Korea Research Society of Customs」. Vol11, No. 4. 2010, December.
2. “Analysis of actual proof in learning group characteristic of Government organization at types of institutions: Context of Post-bureaucracy”. 「Korean Journal of Public Administration」. Vol.49, No.1, 2011, March.
3. “Comparison of Research and Development (R&D) capacity depending on business subcontract”. 「IT Architecture Research」. 2011, May.
4. “Analyzing influence factors of technology corporation between Korean small and medium enterprises, with subcontract characteristic as the center”. 「IT Architecture Research」. 2011. September.
5. “Technology support policy research for innovative small firms 「Commercial Information Research」. 2012. March.
6. “Comparison research in university-industry research collaboration according to characteristic of industry”. 「IT Architecture Research」. 2012. June.
7. “Influence factor of knowledge relocation route for Korean Science and Engineering university professor” 「IT Architecture Research」. 2012. September.
8. “Who takes the lead of group organization? : Comparison on characteristics of central & local government”,「Creation and innovation」,2012. October.
9. “Corporate R&D capability comparison research according to industrial technology innovative pattern”, 「IT Architecture Research」. 2013. March.
10. “Analysis of small and medium enterprises’ technology competitiveness impact by subcontract types between businesses”「IT Architecture Research」. 2013. March.
11.  “Expansion of academic entrepreneurial role and the propensity of research-centered universities in domestic”, 「Creation and innovation」. 2013. June.
12.  “A local government’s comparison case analysis in regard to informal learning: revolving around Korea and Japan cases”. 「Local government research」. 2013. Spring.
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15. Sang-Il Han, Moo-Kwon Chung and Mun-su Park, Local stakeholder involvement and social innovation in Korean co-operatives: the cases of Wonju and Ansung cities. Community Development Journal July 3, 2014.
16. “The Challenges and Opportunities for Science and Technology Specialized Universities in the emerging phenomenon of entrepreneurial universities: A Case Study of POSTECH and KAIST in Korea“ STI POLICY REVIEW .2014.6