Micah Modell

Assistant Professor

Department of Technology and Society
SUNY Korea (Room A-612)

Email:  micah.modell@sunykorea.ac.kr


Ph.D., Indiana University, Bloomington, Instructional System Technology

Research Interests:

Collaboration; Instructional design; Design; Computer supported collaborative learning/work; Human-computer interaction design; Software Development; Collaborative learning


Micah is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Technology and Society, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences at State University of New York, Korea. After working as an enterprise software developer, Micah pivoted to education where he taught English in Jeonju, South Korea while beginning his Masters in instructional design, development and evaluation from Syracuse University. Later, and through the completion of his Ph.D. study, he worked as an instructional designer to close performance gaps for clients in the financial services, healthcare and software industries among others. Micah enjoys spending time with his family, talking with anyone who will pretend to listen, playing with technology, reading, running and traveling.

Current research:

Micah's research is focused on understanding, identifying, and predicting collaborative group dysfunction.


Micah has taught courses in serious game design, computer programming for teachers and multimedia for instructional technology as well as enterprise software development and administration and English for elementary students. At SUNY Korea, he teaches:

EST 305: Application Software for Information Management

EST 310: Computer Game Design