Welcome to the web site of the Department of Technology and Society (DTS) at SUNY Korea, a young and rapidly growing department, responsive to the increasing global demand for technologically literate citizens.  We live in the early years of the digital network revolution that began in the latter decades of the twentieth century, transforming economics, politics and society on a global scale.

As a resource poor nation in the wake of the Korean War, South Korea turned to education and technology to achieve rapid and sustained economic growth.  The country was able to harness the power of the network revolution, becoming the world's leading example to date of ICT-led development.  Our location in new Songdo, a smart city built from scratch on land reclaimed from the West Sea, is both physically advantageous and will help us build a strong presence in cyberspace. We benefit from strong relationships with industry, academic and government organizations as well as a number of international organizations with offices in Songdo. 

Our department comprises a diverse community of students and scholars from Korea and around the world who have in common cross-cultural experience, fluency in more than one language, and an interest in how technology and society interact to shape our future world.  That interest extends to such fields as robotics, online games, energy and transportation, to name just a few.   If you happen to be in Korea or plan to travel this way, come and visit us!  Otherwise, explore our activities online through this web site and feel free to contact us with your questions.

James F. Larson, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Technology and Society
SUNY Korea
Personal Web Site:  www.jamesflarson.com
Blog:  www.koreainformationsociety.com