Why Department of Technology & Society and SUNY Korea is a good choice?

The digital network revolution that powered Korea's rapid socioeconomic development continues to transform human activities on a global scale. Consequently, graduates of this department will need to possess a new set of literacies, competencies and character qualities to address matters of profound importance such as the future of the Internet or the challenge of environmentally sustainable development.   In addition, as noted in a recent report by the World Economic Forum, employers increasingly demand 21st century skills.  


In today's labor market, specific employment opportunities are brightest for those who have a working knowledge and understanding of technology. Graduates will be familiar with information and communication technologies, as epitomized by the internet and mobile apps ecosystems and how these relate to a broad range of specific industries and technologies.   These include robotics, the game industry, energy, and transportation to name just a few.


The ever-changing and constant interplay between technology and society means that graduates of the Department of Technology and Society will not so much be finishing a degree program as starting a lifelong journey of learning and discovery in which our alumni play an extremely important role.