About Us

SUNY Korea, located in Songdo part of the Incheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZ), represents the first American university to establish a campus in Korea.  IFEZ is a hub for international business, leisure, logistics, and tourism for the Northeast Asian region and is especially committed to developing an English-immersive educational environment. SUNY Korea provides high-quality research-oriented education while providing the full American university experience in Korea while offering degrees from Stony Brook University. 

Change is happening at a brisk rate in Songdo. New skyscrapers are built yearly, and more land is being reclaimed from the sea. Songdo’s population and culture are becoming part of a fast-paced "smart city" of innovation in education and technology—both for South Korea and for the world. The goal is to build a "cluster" of high technology companies, educational resources, and international agencies.  All are interested in participating in this ‘new Songdo’ synergy and experience, drawing on the talent of their experience combined with connections to our new students.

The  Department of Technology and Society (DTS) is a unique interdisciplinary department that offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in Technological Systems Management and a Ph.D. in Technology, Innovation, and Policy. Our undergraduate plan of study requires residence in Songdo and one year study abroad in New York State at the other branch of our department. Our students have access to resources on two continents, and with an excitingly diverse student body from around the world.

SUNY Korea offers the following programs: