Neal Dreamson
Associate Professor
Department of Technology and Society
SUNY Korea
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Ph.D. Socio-cultural philosophy, University of Queensland
DDES. Online user experience design, Swinburne University of Technology
Research Interests: Technological Education; Cultural-Religious Diversity; Intercultural Education; Socio-cultural Philosophy; Digital Literacy; Digital Pedagogy; Global Citizenship Education; Learning Theories; Educational Metaphysics; Doctoral Education; Sustainable Education; Educational Policy; Higher Education; Learning Management Systems; Cross-Cultural Design; User Experience Design; Meta-Case Methodology.

Prior to joining DTS SUNY Korea, I had worked in multiple Australian universities such as School of Teacher Education and Leadership, Queensland University of Technology (2010-2020); Department of Interactive, Visual Design; Animation, Creative Industries Faculty at Queensland University of Technology (2008-2010); Department of IT and Multimedia at Central Queensland University (2005-2008); and Department of Multimedia Design at Monash University (2002-2005). My interdisciplinary research and teaching capacity has been built based on two earned doctoral degrees: A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD, 2016) titled, Interculturality: A metaphysical manifest for rethinking cultural diversity and reinventing intercultural interaction in education, and a Doctor of Design (DDES, 2007) titled, Interactive user experience design: Creating an effective online experience. While he was working for QUT, I had participated in and/or led eight nationally competitive funded projects (over A$0.6 million).

Current research:
I have published three research books with Routledge:
1) Critical Understandings of Digital Technology in Education: Meta-Connective Pedagogy
2) Pedagogical Alliances between Indigenous and Non-Dualistic Cultures: Meta-Cultural
Education (2018); and
3) Reinventing Intercultural Education: A Metaphysical Cultural Diversity (2018).
These books are outcomes of my inter- and trans-disciplinary research engagement in digital technology in education, multi-, inter-, and trans-cultural education, and education metaphysics.

I am currently writing my fourth research book titled, Cultural Diversity Pedagogy and Meta-Case Design. This book is to (a) investigate cultural diversity by articulating a methodological-pedagogical framework based on a critical review of multi-, cross-, inter-, and trans-cultural understandings and (b) present relevant eight case studies in primary school settings through (c) a newly developed meta-case design research methodology that reconfigures the cases by articulating and analysing the metaphysical boundaries in order to enhance authenticity.

I am currently holding an adjunct associate professorship at Faculty of Education, QUT to
continue to supervise my 7 PhD candidates. Their research areas cover STEM education, game-based learning, sustainable education, cross-cultural interface design, MOOCs education, music teacher education, and mobile learning (see the link for further details).

My teaching practices in universities have covered interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary as well as intradisciplinary study areas. I have developed new interdisciplinary, faculty (college), and inter-faculty courses and delivered disciplinary courses in IT, creative industries, multimedia, design, and education. Pedagogical-methodologically, using design-based research, case study research, and critical discourse analysis, I have identified stakeholders’ psycho-socio-cultural needs and facilitated integrated curricular approaches to contemporary societal, cultural, educational and technological problems. My teaching philosophy is a learning community approach including myself as an active participant that has been used in my cross-teaching areas in a way to facilitate students’ critical engagement in emergent learning spaces and their active participation through demonstrative pedagogy and student ownership of learning.

Professor/Student Research Groups: 
My international scholarly engagement has been demonstrated through participating
international journals and conferences as an editorial board member, an editor, an appointed reviewer/panel, and an invited speaker. My most frequent and significant engagement is found in the following three journals:
1) Multicultural Education Review (Co-Editor);
2) Higher Education Research & Development (Associate Editor); and
3) International Journal of Art and Design Education (Appointed Reviewer).
Thanks to my ex- and current research students and their culturally diverse backgrounds, I have been engaged in the field of Doctoral Education (or graduate research education). In 2019, I had held a series of informal seminars with them and developed critical discourses on various topics including critical thinking versus cultural thinking; culturally inclusive and responsive research questions; intercultural research supervision and relationships with supervisors (advisors); supervisor identities; intercultural engagement in literature review; culturally engaged conceptual-theoretical frameworks; meta-methodology and methodological relationism; meta-cultural understanding of human research ethics; thesis (dissertation) examiners’ identities; and metaphysical research planning.

I am always willing to help researchers and research students who need ‘critical’ support on their work and be their ‘critical friend’, which I believe is part of my commitment to social responsibility.