Sira Maliphol
Assistant Professor
Department of Technology and Society
SUNY Korea (Room B-324)


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Ph.D. Engineering, Seoul National University

Research Interests
Technological Catch-up and Development; Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy; Innovation Systems; The Middle-income Trap; Technological Transition; Economic Development; Policy Experimentation; Sustainability; Smart Cities; Asian Economies; Econometrics; Agent-based Modeling

Before his doctoral studies, Sira worked for the Science and Technology Policy Institute (STEPI), Korea. At STEPI and SNU, he worked on UNDP projects consulting with developing countries in Asia including Indonesia, Laos, Nepal, Thailand, and Vietnam. He has worked in the non-profit, government, and private sectors. While at non-profit and government organizations, he worked in science and technology arena. His early career was in the late Dot Com Era.

Current Research
Sira is continuing to build upon his previous research on technological transitions and industrial policy in developing countries. He is broadening the topic scope to include development of smart cities through industrial policy. As an early-career researcher, he is open to new collaborations in these areas.

EST 371: Data Science Management
EST 569: Technology in the City