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The purpose of the Engineering & Technology Entrepreneurship (ETE) minor is to expose engineering students, and some non-engineering students, to various technology-related entrepreneurship skills.

The objective of the ETE minor is to expose engineering and non-engineering students to entrepreneurial skills relevant to technology and engineering. The ETE minor requires a total of 18 credit hours (6 courses) with no grade less than C. Students declare the minor after completion of courses in Categories A and B.

Requirements for the ETE minor:

A. Two courses from (6 credits):

  • For engineering majors: two core engineering courses
  • For non-engineering majors, two courses from:
    • EST 192: Introduction to Modern Engineering
    • EST 194: Patterns of Problem Solving (DEC C, QPS)
    • EST 202: Into to Science, Tech and Society Studies
    • LSE 320: Future Trends in Science and Engineering

B. One course from the following (3 credits):

  1. ESE 201: Engineering and Technology Entrepreneurship
  2. EST/BUS 364: How to Build a Start-Up (3 credits)(Exp+)
  3. BUS 353: Entrepreneurship
  4. BUS 383: Social Entrepreneurship

C. Two courses from the following choices (6 credits):

  1. EST 326: Management for Engineers or BUS 346: Management and Operations
  2. EST 327: Marketing for Engineers or BUS 348: Principles of Marketing
  3. EST 391: Technology Assessment (DEC H, STAS)
  4. EST 393: Project Management or BUS 393: Principles of Project Management
  5. EST 304: Communication for Engineers and Scientists
  6. CME 333: Business Economics for Engineers

D. One course from the following (3 credits):

  1. EST 301: Engineering Ethics and Societal Impact (DEC H, STAS)
  2. EST 331: Engineering Ethics
  3. BUS 339: Intellectual Property Strategy