Course Title Syllabus Time Instructor Room Office Email
EST192 Introduction to Modern Engineering TBA

      TuTh       3:30pm-4:50pm

Faheem Hussain C103 B309
EST194 Patterns of Problem Solving Syllabus               TuTh               10:30am-11:50am Mark Whitaker B207 B303
EST202 Introduction to Science, Technology, and Society Studies Syllabus

              TuTh                10:30am-11:50am

Anthony Pennings B203 A309
EST230 Information and Communications Technology for Sustainable Development TBA               TuTh                2:00pm-3:20pm James Larson B207 A404
EST305 Applications Software for Information Management TBA

         MoWe            5:00pm-6:20pm

Micah Modell A116 A612
EST323 Human-Computer Interaction TBA MoWe  3:30pm-4:50pm Micah Modell B103 A612
EST326 Management for Engineers TBA TuTh  12:30pm-1:50pm Jang Ik Lee B103 B306
EST327 Marketing for Engineers Syllabus MoWe  5:00pm-6:20pm Joseph Cabuay B207    
EST331 Professional Ethics and Intellectual Property TBA      Fri       12:30pm-3:20pm Youngtack Shim B207 B404
EST364 How to Build a Startup Syllabus             MoWe              9:00am-10:20am Suzana Brown B203 B310
EST371 Data Science Management TBA  TuTh    3:30pm-4:50pm Micah Modell C105 A612
EST389 Special Topics on Economic Development and Technological Progress: The Korean Experience Syllabus MoWe  5:00pm-6:20pm Jin-sang Lee B104 B608
EST391 Technology Assessment Syllabus   TuTh    2:00pm-3:20pm Mark Whitaker B203 B303
EST392 Engineering and Managerial Economics


           MoWe            10:30am-11:50am Anthony Pennings B103 A309
EST393 Project Management TBA   TuTh    5:00pm-6:20pm Jang Ik Lee A114 B306
EST440 Interdisciplinary Research Methods Syllabus  MoWe  2:00pm-3:20pm Suzana Brown B205 B310
EST441 Interdisciplinary Senior Project TBA    TuTh    5:00pm-6:20pm Faheem Hussain B207 B309
EST499 Research in Technology and Society - The Age and Challenges of Sustainable Development Syllabus             Th              9:00am-11:50am Soogil Young A627    
EST581 Heuristics and Quantitative Decision-Making TBA         Fri          7:00pm-9:20pm Patrick Rose B206    
EST516 Science For Society I TBA       Fri         2:00pm-3:20pm James Larson A117 A404
EMP522 Strategic Marketing:  Planning and Process Syllabus     Sat        4:00pm-6:50pm Joseph Cabuay A312    
EST530 Internet Electronic Commerce Syllabus     Sat       1:00pm-3:20pm Wonki Min A117    
EST599 Sustainable Energy: Technologies, Systems, Markets, and Policies Syllabus               Th               2:30pm-3:20am Soogil Young A627    
EST697 Directed Study TBA   TBA