The Departments of Technology and Society (DTS) at SUNY Korea and Stony Brook University form a unique interdisciplinary collaboration that offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in Technological Systems Management and a Ph.D. in Technology, Policy and Innovation.

SUNY Korea's Department of Technology and Society offers the following programs:

The imperative of environmental and human sustainability, on the one hand, and the potential of information and communications technology, on the other, are profoundly important issues that anchor our departmental activities and direction. Our departmental themes, which extends from undergraduate coursework in technological systems management through the Ph.D. degree in technology, policy, and innovation, are Smart Communities, Smart Education, Smart Ethics, and Smart Development. 

For example, our undergraduate degree, the BS in Technological System Management (TSM), has a specialization in information and communications technologies (ICT) for "smart" development. It addresses issues such as smart cities, digital pedagogy, ethical AI and robotics, and international sustainable development and economic growth. 

In today's labor market, specific employment opportunities are brightest for those who have a working knowledge and understanding of technology. Graduates are competent in information and communication technologies, as epitomized by the Internet and mobile apps ecosystems, and how these relate to a broad range of specific industries and technologies.  These include energy production and electrical grids, the online game industry, and driverless mobility to name just a few.

Our students have access to resources on two continents and with an excitingly diverse student body from around the world. Our undergraduate plan of study includes the opportunity to live near Incheon's airport in the "smart city" of Songdo as well as one year of study at Stony Brook University in New York. Our Ph.D. students also spend time in both Korea and New York. 

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