Joseph S. Cabuay

Associate Research Professor

Department of Technology & Society



M.I.A., Columbia University:  International Science & Technology Policies

A.B.D., Northeastern University:  Organizational Leadership – Executive Learning Technologies

Research Interests

Executive Leadership Development, Organizational Behavior, Cross Cultural Sales & Marketing, Learning Systems Management and Technology, Technology & Sustainable Development, Global Business Strategy, Global Human Resource Management,  Performance Leadership & Workplace Learning, Interpretative Phenomenological Research Methods


Hailing from New York City and now based in Seoul, Korea, Professor Joseph Cabuay brings thirty-three years of global experience living and working in over 24 nations worldwide.   His field of expertise is in global workplace learning and development with an emphasis on executive leadership development and learning technologies. 

Professor Cabuay’s unique international background allows him to design, facilitate, coach, and provide management consultancy solutions to major international firms. These include B-2-B Technology Sales and Marketing, Executive Leadership Development, Cross Cultural Leadership and Management, Global Strategy, Organizational Development, Organizational Behavior, Strategic Communications, and Global Human Resource Management. He is a Certified Master Coach (CMC), Master Corporate Trainer, U.N.-trained negotiator, and international public speaker.  As a university professor, he has successfully taught a variety of international business subjects as well as global science & technology policy at the undergraduate and graduate levels since 2003.

Professor Cabuay leads energetically in solving, driving, and creating specific and measurable needs at the operational, management and executive levels of complex global organizations. From 2003 to present, Professor Cabuay has completed thousands of sales, marketing, and organizational leadership consulting, facilitation, and executive coaching engagements at home and abroad for major corporate firms in the IT, manufacturing, marketing, food & beverage, retail, finance, and airline sectors across the globe with business deals ranging from 100 million to 2.2 billion USD.  In this connection, his current list of major global clients is as follows:  Microsoft, Samsung Electronics, HCL Technologies, Dolby Digital, Samsung Marine Fire & Insurance, Hyundai Auto, Standard Charter Bank, K.E.B.-Hana Bank, Korean Air, SK Telecom, Xilinx, Intergraph, UBS, Goldman Sachs Hong Kong, AXA, Rexnord, V.A.G.-Shanghai, Nautilus Hyosung Korea, & Heraeus Korea.

Before becoming a business consultant and management professor, Professor Cabuay was Vice President for International Business for the NYC Economic Development Corporation (NYC-EDC) and Global Business Ambassador for Investor Relations for the NYC Mayor’s Office where his department was instrumental in attracting over 193 global firms to NYC, which generated 200 million USD for the NYC government and over 1.2 billion USD for the Wall Street Financial District.

Prior to this, Professor Cabuay was a Senior United Nations Officer with direct report to the UN Secretary General on presidential-level communications, global business liaison activities, and global security analyses & threat assessments while at UN headquarters and numerous UN assignments overseas.  Professor Cabuay is a decorated U.S. Marine who served with distinction on highly specialized assignments and missions with the U.S. State Department worldwide from 1985-1990.


Current courses offered for (Fall, 2017):  Strategic Marketing (Graduate Level) and Marketing for Engineers (Undergraduate Level) at SUNY Korea. 

Past courses taught (Spring 2003 - Spring 2017):  Global Leadership Development, Business Strategy, Strategic Sales & Marketing, Strategic Communications, U.S. Technology Policy, UN Sustainable Development & Millennium Goals, U.S. Foreign Policy, Organizational Behavior, International Human Resource Management, Corporate Governance & Business Ethics, International Security Policy & Global Crises, International Organizations