South Korea is a fast-paced economy and culture. The country provides much of our global infrastructure, its shipping industry, and many electronic products such as color TVs, laptops, and smartphones. It has expanded into the culture industries with the worldwide popularity of its "K-wave" music, television dramas, and digital games. This is aided by some of the highest penetrations of mobile phone use in the world at over 90 percent.

All of South Korea hosts blazing fast Internet speeds, rated the world's fastest. South Korea also has a very efficient and clean system of public transportation (including electric bullet trains and inter-city subway lines) and public hospitals. It has developed-world living standards--and with nearby Seoul, a global city’s urban nightlife, shopping, as well as traditional and fine dining.

Coming to South Korea is to live and breathe in a global high-tech culture of the future. The country is a fast-development success. It is a future that is the envy of many other developing countries, as what they dream of becoming. Many international students from developing countries are joining us here to see it firsthand.

Therefore, joining SUNY-Korea is to participate in that global future. It is to be ahead of others in that race for higher educational standards, technological skills and a variety of modern and traditional cultural experiences. We hope you join us.

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